Emoji Light & Entertainment

Light Shows

What we do:

Over 400 released projects all over the world

Creating an idea

  • Making a concept of your event
  • Storyboarding and visual concept
  • Making a scenario

Creating a content

  • Graphics and visual effects
  • Video recording and post production
  • Music and sound effects


  • Projective and lightning systems
  • Installation and maintenance of equipment
  • On-spot and remote administration


  • Interactive installations
  • Media-server set up
  • Virtual reality and Media Art

Light shows for company launches :

Let your brand captivate the audience by breathtaking visual presentation.

Stage lightning for concerts, shows and festivals :

Stage performances is our passion. A stage is a perfect space to introduce new technologies and brave expressions.

3D Mapping on buildings :

Creating spectacular shows on building facades (residential buildings, hotels, governmental establishments, theatres and museums).Bring your building into a history.

Virtual reality and permanent light installations for visual projects

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